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Statement on Navy Background of Lt Commander Richard Theilmann – Original Source of UN UFO disclosure - Exopolitics Comment 85

 What follows is a summary of handwritten notes taken on Oct 8, 2008 when I personally met with and interviewed Richard Theilmann at a waterfront bar/restaurant in New York City over a period of 4.5 hours. In addition to answering questions, he gave me a thick photo/military album with several hundred items to examine which he explained at length when asked. Others present at the meeting were Clay and Shawn Pickering (organizers of the meeting), and Bob Vanderclock (not for the entire meeting time). Theilmann wore a blue Navy Uniform with military decorations and insignia including name and rank as a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy. Theilmann spent most of the time discussing a series of UN meetings discussing the UFO issue, direct encounters with extraterrestrials, and a covert assignment where he traveled on an extraterrestrial vehicle. The material he discussed and/or showed me was used for writing an article published on October 12, 2008. http://exopolitics.org/Exo-Comment-80.htm . The following may be helpful for those investigating or interested in Richard Theilmann’s Navy background, service medals and rank of Lt Commander. This has become an issue of considerable concern after his public outing on May 20, 2010, and failure to find public records to confirm his Navy credentials and background..

Richard Theilmann began the meeting/interview by immediately showing me his military I.D. which had his name, rank and pay scale (0-4) for a Lieutenant Commander. His I.D. card was valid for a three year period and had a vertical barcode on the left hand side next to his photo. He then began to narrate his Navy Service. He said he enlisted in 1968 and began OCS (Officer Candidate School) in 1978.

Theilmann claims he was recruited into covert operations in the early 1980’s. He explained the circumstances behind his recruitment as arising from an incident where he and an elite Naval unit comprising a team of Seals tracked a missile that landed somewhere on the Groom Lake (Area 51) facility.

There were things he did not approve of during his covert service, and he tried to leave in 1985 and 1988. From 1988-1990, he said was basically AWOL. He was subsequently placed on extended leave. Theilmann said he was reactivated in 2005.

He said he had 25 years of total service as an electronic warfare specialist. I recall (not in notes) seeing documents concerning his training and assignments involving electronic warfare. There was discussion about how this was an area of interest to Dr Bruce Maccabee who had earlier met with Theilmann at the Naval Surface Warfare Center (April 16, 2008).

He showed me a number of patches of units/assignments that he served in. These included: VAQ-134; Jully Rogers (1952-2002); Fighting 103; VAW-125, Grim Reapers, Eastern Mediterrean Yacht Club.

Richard Theilmann photographed at New York Naval Order function in 2005. Click image or here for more.

Richard Theilmann pictured at New York Naval Order function in June, 2010. Click image or here for more.

He had certificates, documents for various military awards he says he earned. A number of the decorations that were documented correspond to the medals he wore at a Naval Order function in 2005, and as ribbons displayed on his dress white Navy uniform at another Naval Order function in 2010 . The documents I witnessed correspond to the following medals and/or ribbons: Bronze Star (medal on top row; ribbon on row 2), Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (medal bottom row, ribbon on row 7), Good Conduct 1st & 2nd  (ribbon on row 5), Navy Marine Corps Achievement (Gold Star) [medal on top row; ribbon on row 4]; Meritorious Service Medal [medal on middle row; ribbon on row 3], Purple Heart (medal on top row; ribbon on row 2), Joint Service Achievement (medal on middle row; ribbon on row 4).

 Other documents/certificates I witnessed that do not correspond to any medals/ribbons are the Naval Achievement Medal. Naval Achievement – Air Medal; Joint Service Commendation, (United Nations). It is possible that I incorrectly recorded these in my notes.

More info here about the medals/ribbons listed and links to detailed explanations.


He showed a photo of  Prowler aircraft with the name of Lieutenant Richard Theilmann inscribed on the second seat of the cockpit. This is similar to what was pictured on left. Click here or image for a close up.

Theilmann said his first assignment was on the USS Forrestal. In 1980’s, he served under Commander Howard Bishop on the USS Nimitz. He also said he served on the following aircraft carriers. Forrestal, JFK, Enterprise, Constellation, and Independence.

 He claims he was promoted to Lt Commander in 1983, and was shot down 2 weeks before KAL 007. Sustained intestinal injuries and had to stop flying duties.

Served with NATO under following units/commands: MEWSG, NATO, Superstars, REL.

Had a Pass/Card for access to China Lake. March 05, 1985. NWC (Nuclear Weapons Center). VISITOR CARD.

Had a vehicle pass for Groom Lake (Area 51) – Controlled Vehicle Access. Had a patch for Groom Lake, Area 51, Test Facility.

Said that his brother, Lt Col Robert Theilmann, was killed in January 2003 over surface to air missiles smuggled into U.S.

The above is a summary of what I saw and/or heard regarding Richard Theilmann’s Navy Service, and wrote down in notes. Along with the positive feedback during the interview from Robert Vanderclock (former US Army Intelligence) about what I was seeing and hearing, the interview was confirmation for me that Richard Theilmann was a distinguished U.S. Navy Officer who had been sanctioned to leak information about secret UN UFO discussions and other sensitive issues. Others that have witnessed the same documentation and may be able to add to or clarify the contents of Richard Theilmann’s military album include Clay and Shawn Pickering, Robert Morningstar, Robert Vanderclock, Richard Dolan and Dr Bruce Maccabee.


Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
Kona, Hawaii
Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner


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